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  1. With so many people looking at their bills each month and trying to find ways to cut costs, wether it be from utilities to expenditures like the gym, there is one place you might not have thought of to take a peak at. I spoke to two local insurance agents who say... (more)

  2. Large employers expect their healthcare benefit costs will surpass $15,000 per employee in 2021, although the coronavirus pandemic has many organizations questioning what the total impact... (more)

  3. UnitedHealthcare said it will provide premium credits ranging from 5% to 20% to customers in fully insured commercial plans in June. (more)

  4. Rebates to people who purchased health coverage through the Affordable Care Act individual marketplaces will average $420 per customer. (more)

  5. Setting a precedent for other state’s workers’ comp programs and national private health insurers. (more)

  6. The complaint alleges “BWC was regularly charged commercially unreasonable prices for generic drugs.” (more)