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  1. United Parcel Service Inc. plans to impose hefty fees on large shippers during the holiday season, reflecting the added complexity and cost of an expected crush of online orders amid the coronavirus pandemic. The fees will test the ability of large retailers such as... (more)

  2. Without the proper insurance in place, trucking companies may find themselves paying a hefty sum in medical expenses for a 1099-classified driver injured or killed on the job. (more)

  3. In California, by 2030, 50% of all Class 4-8 truck sales will have to be electric. (more)

  4. Florida Chief Inspector General recommended the Department of Transportation have better communications with the public and smaller, more manageable vendor contracts. (more)

  5. The companies allege the four largest railroads conspired to increase rates under the guise of a fuel cost recovery program. (more)

  6. Fuel surcharges were used to fix shipping prices and overcharge consumers by millions of dollars. (more)