Expense Recovery News


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  1. Cashless payments and advances in cashless payment technology have proven to be advantageous for consumers and businesses. (more)

  2. Florida Chief Inspector General recommended the Department of Transportation have better communications with the public and smaller, more manageable vendor contracts. (more)

  3. Gov. Greg Abbott signed into law S.B. 935, which established requirements for processing medical bills. (more)

  4. The agreement prevents the New T-Mobile from increasing prices for wireless services on Texans for five years after the merger is complete. (more)

  5. California State Auditor Elaine Howle finds that ten California state agencies paid $20 million more for workers’ compensation insurance than they could have had selected a different insurer. (more)

  6. Arizona Public Service Co. could be sanctioned for giving bad advice that cost customers hundreds of dollars more a year. (more)