Expense Recovery News


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  1. The study finds that utility customers are losing money that could be made by taking advantage of distributed energy resources. (more)

  2. The Stop Hacks and Improve Electronic Data Security (SHIELD) Act signed into law in July aims to arm consumers with knowledge about breaches. (more)

  3. Sen. Richard Blumenthal introduced a bill that would require the huge interstate natural gas pipeline companies to charge “just and reasonable” rates. (more)

  4. Spark and Verde Energy to reimburse Connecticut customers for “egregious billing error by third-party electric suppliers”. (more)

  5. The gig economy upended the way we make payments. Here's how to handle digital transformation and even turn it to your advantage. (more)

  6. As the Kincade fire burned in Sonoma County, the cell towers residents have come to rely on went dark. (more)