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  1. You're on your own! Chief Technology Officer Werner Vogels said customers should use tighter security controls for sensitive data such as credit card information. (more)

  2. California Assembly Bill (AB) 5 expands the reach of the "ABC" test to all wage and hour Labor Code violations, as well as unemployment insurance and workers' compensation. (more)

  3. Columbia Gas failed to follow its own procedures and violated federal pipeline safety regulations. (more)

  4. A new Vermont Logger Safety and Workers' Compensation Insurance Program will include a 15% workers’ compensation premium credit. (more)

  5. The companies allege the four largest railroads conspired to increase rates under the guise of a fuel cost recovery program. (more)

  6. Not content to be just a payment processor, Square wants to change the way businesses operate. (more)

  7. Attorney fees are a growing problem in workers’ compensation. Despite the declining workers’ comp rates, attorneys fees as a portion of settled claims have nearly doubled. (more)

  8. The lawsuit alleges that the audits are being improperly withheld by CMS, even though CMS estimates that the audits have identified some $650 million in improper charges. (more)