Expense Recovery News


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  1. Shimmers and skimmers and fraud, oh my! Despite greater awareness, scamming remains rampant. (more)

  2. Auditors found $52 million in overpayments during 2013 and more than $33 million in overpayments in 2014. (more)

  3. The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation plans to rebate $1.5 billion. They are hoping that the rebates are reinvested into workplace safety. (more)

  4. "Morbidity" accounts for the population's health and is not allowed to be factored into pricing and Optima included morbidity as one of the factors to determine the price of premiums. (more)

  5. Fuel surcharges were used to fix shipping prices and overcharge consumers by millions of dollars. (more)

  6. Confused by financial abbreviations and acronyms? Here's the finance lingo you need to know. (more)

  7. New incentives for small businesses when they sign up for the Amazon Business Prime American Express Card. (more)