Expense Recovery News


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  1. Nearly 1.2 million Wisconsin ratepayers will see electric bill refunds this fall as utilities return millions of dollars in fuel cost savings. (more)

  2. Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison says his office has settled an investigation into possible deceptive practices in Frontier Communications' billing and sale of internet services. (more)

  3. To help Connecticut large and small businesses combat the challenges associated with COVID-19, more resources are being dedicated to support cost-saving energy efficiency upgrades... (more)

  4. Many new business owners underestimate the importance of their waste management and recycling strategy. Your strategy will dictate how your business produces and deals with waste... (more)

  5. Unfortunately for customers, the settlement's requirement to stop charging the Internet Infrastructure Surcharge doesn't take effect right away. (more)

  6. Without the proper insurance in place, trucking companies may find themselves paying a hefty sum in medical expenses for a 1099-classified driver injured or killed on the job. (more)

  7. Here is a survey of state laws regarding the compensability of the COVID-19 virus. (more)

  8. It's the first big test for the new company, which absorbed Sprint Corp. in April after a two-year battle for regulatory clearance. (more)