Targeted PPC and Advanced Web Presence
Targeted PPC and
Advanced Web Presence

Find the business you're missing.

We maximize client web presence, including SEO and conversion rates, to build highly targeted, pay-per-click campaigns. Our technical marketing analysis generates superior PPC results as well as optimized organic search and improved online branding.

Example A

Effective Website

Organized page structure
and content groupings

Example B

Ineffective Website

Dispersed page structure
with undefined groupings

Technical marketing utilizes powerful data tools (including AI and machine learning software) to develop best strategies for online success. These processes go deeper than typical Google-Analytics-based marketing efforts and are more effective, providing:

  • Lower cost for PPC
  • Improved on-site conversion rates
  • Improved search engine results
  • Competitor insights and analysis

There is no need to replace company processes, personnel, or vendors. Instead, three cost effective services can boost online performance and improve the bottom line.

Advanced Web Presence Strategy

Objective analysis of your entire digital footprint with clear, actionable items
Detailed Web Presence Reports

Strategic auditing that goes beyond commonly available analytics and data
High Performance PPC Managment

Maximum-return advertising on search engines and social media

We believe in a performance-based business relationship. Get measurable results without long term contracts.

Our Web Presence Team is a boutique tech house with over 15 years of experience in the most competetive industries online. BEX Strategists have generated over one billion dollars in company sales and client acquisition.

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