Frequently Asked Questions

What is business expense recovery?

Business expense recovery, or expense recovery, is any action taken to lower ongoing costs and can include recovery of money paid to suppliers. Typically, areas of focus are non-payroll, such as utilities, shipping, telecommunications, etc... Successful recoveries attribute to the bottom line and increase the profitability and value of the business. See our one minute "Video Overview."

Can business expense recovery be completed in-house?

Yes, but it is highly unlikely to be effective. Each supplier industry has it’s own quirks and peculiarities. Even the largest companies rarely invest the resources to have their management continually trained in these areas.

What is the fee for your services?

There is no fee for our assessment. If you agree to our recommendations, we share in whatever savings and recoveries are realized. See "How We Work."

How long does it take?

Initial results can occur within 30-60 days after engagement. Ongoing service usually continues to generate increased savings in the months to come.

What kind of suppliers do you audit?

We audit and manage a wide variety of suppliers from telecom to shipping. See our complete list here.