BEX for Brokers

BEX Analytics offers a great way to supplement sales for brokers. Commissions for successful referrals start with a $1,000 payment and can then pay many times that over a two year period. Plus, client businesses receive an exceptional service which saves them money.

How It Works

If you know a business with at least $1 million per year in non-labor expenses (or $1 million in revenue paid by credit cards), we'd like to speak with you. Contact us at (800) 299-5498 or Once the client's first statement is paid, we'll send you $1,000. That will count against further monthly commissions for the following 24 months.

How It Helps

We help businesses improve their bottom line. Our services bring value to a company and can even help you close a deal.

How To Do It

Call or email us with your contact information. We can reach out to your prospect directly or coordinate with you. We'll handle the introduction exactly as you direct.

More Information

If you have questions or require additional documentation, please call us or send an email. We want "BEX for Brokers" to be easy and profitable for you.