How We Work

Our mission is to help companies better manage the product offerings and billing strategies employed by their key service providers. We are committed to providing transparency, recoveries, and savings in time and money.

Guiding Principles

Performance Based

If no savings or refunds are realized, there are no fees.


We do not change providers, or sell or broker for providers, or accept provider commissions.


Our work is done remotely and will not interfere with business operations.



Our Industry Expense Analysts keep up with the changes in regulatory and statutory law, taxes, industry standards, the marketplace, customer rates, the competitive environment, and more.


Our toolsets help identify regulatory and contractual noncompliance, embedded and unreported fees, obscured errors and miscalculations, misclassifications, and other savings opportunities.


BEX Analytics partners have spent their careers learning how offerings evolve and platforms change, how to identify supplier “quirks” and decode industry jargon, and how to get granular data and best level support.


Ongoing Support

We provide on-call availability for problem solving and troubleshooting - a valuable resource for our clients. Monthly deliverables include detailed reports, service corrections to avoid "billing drift,” and detection and correction of new errors as they occur. We also identify opportunities for additional savings as business needs evolve and markets change.