Our Team

Since 2003, we've served companies in a wide range of industries, from law to retail. Our team brings a breadth of business experience and technical expertise to each client.

Our mission is to implement efficient PPC campaigns and effectively distribute client web presence by using strategies that account for a changing online environment and evolving customer behaviors.

Ben Porter

Partner, Business Development, Operations

A graduate of Pomona College, Ben founded, and sold, two companies; the first an early e-commerce retailer and the second a publishing and content company. In 2003, he partnered with Nermine Shaker to form The Sygnal Group (now BEX Analytics). He has over 20 years of experience implementing projects with a wide variety of businesses, from small firms to Fortune 500 companies, including law, manufacturing, entertainment, hospitality, automotive and non-profit.

Nermine Shaker

Partner, Chief Analyst, Product Development

Nermine's background includes a Masters of Science degree in Telecommunications Management from Golden Gate University as well as degrees in Economics, Business, and Data Communications. With over thirty years of experience in planning, implementing, managing and consulting, Nermine has overseen projects with spends in the hundreds of millions. Her experience and industry contacts assure that clients get the highest level of work.

Kristoff Coates

Chief Strategist

In 2001, Kristoff was consulting on business computer systems when he joined LawyersandSettlements.com. Initially, he helped develop sales initiatives for client law firms but soon he was identifying and developing new lead generation strategies. Since that time, he has cultivated a deep understanding of the intricacies of internet traffic, having overseen hundreds of client and customer acquisition programs. He is an expert at structural analysis, content organization, and analytical tracking of visitors. He's had tremendous success for clients in achieving high placement in SERPs and zero-click placement for brand building. New areas of development include BERT and algorithm impact on driving conversion success.

Jason Lust

Web Marketing Specialist

Jason was at the forefront of pay-per-click marketing in 2003 as an advertising programmer for LawyersandSettlements.com. Since then, he has run, literally, thousands of marketing campaigns in a multitude of B2B and retail industries including law, technology, beauty products, chemicals, and wine and spirits. Jason has in-depth experience with all common sales and lead generation platforms as well as the PPC technologies for Google, Bing, Amazon, Facebook and other social media.

Dawn Walnoha

Director of Data & Operations

After getting a degree in Science from Penn State University, Dawn worked in the film and television business for over 15 years on a variety of made-for-TV movies and Television series including “7th Heaven,” “Summerland” and “Safe Harbor.” In the 2000′s she worked in new media and began writing and editing online content for a number of web-based companies. Since 2008, she has worked with BEX managing and supporting client services.

Our Analysts

We are a team of experts throughout the United States with competencies in dozens of technology areas. Each member of the BEX Analytics team is dedicated to objective, high performance work while placing the client as the highest priority.


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