What We Do

Our Industry Expense Analysts follow changes in regulatory law, technology, the competitive environment, and other factors that affect supplier billing. These data points, combined with our proprietary tools and experience, produce significant reductions and recoveries of supplier costs.

We achieve this without the complications of changing providers. Few businesses are able to replicate our results in-house.


All technologies communications and IT: wireless, hardline, voice, data, images, and video.

Typical reductions average 23%.

Merchant Services

Transaction level optimization, e-payable solutions, backchannel resources, incentives, discounts.

Typical reductions average 26%.

Shipping & Freight

Pricing analytics for small parcel, freight, international, and carrier/route combinations.

Typical reductions average 22%.

Workers' Comp

Internal factors (hiring practices, risk pools, etc...), industry-wide actuarials, standard practices.

Typical reductions average 14%.

Energy & Utilities

Water, electric, sewer, gas, oil, alternative, renewable and green technologies.

Typical reductions average 20%.

Commercial Leasing

Location fees, Common Area Maintenance, Operating Expense Reimbursements, lease renewals.

Typical reductions average 19%.

Copy & Print

Consumables, equipment leases, maintenance contracts, paper.

Typical reductions average 38%.

Global Sourcing

Competitive suppliers, bidding cycles, conversion rates.

Typical reductions average 21%.

Health Insurance

Self-funded, partially self-funded, and fully funded plans.

Typical reductions average 22%.

Other Services

Other services include property/liability insurance, waste (solid/recycling/compost), optimization of banking and other financial fee structures, sales/operations analysis, general business and industry specific consultation.